Himalaya Sparkly White Toothpaste 150g
Himalaya Sparkly White Toothpaste 150g - (Pack of 12 ) - Billjumla.com

    Himalaya Sparkly White Toothpaste 150g

    QAR 99.00

    FAST RESULTS: Whiter teeth naturally in two weeks without chemical bleach

    MADE FROM NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Papaya and Pineapple remove surface stains on teeth. The papain and bromelain extracts safely whitens teeth. Doesn’t contain preservatives, petroleum & synthetic colour.

    CHEMICAL-FREE: Contains no chemicals, synthetic colors and preservatives. Safe to use by kids and those with sensitive teeth and gums

    12-HOUR ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECTION: The antibacterial properties of cinnamon help eliminate odor-causing bacteria that cause bad breath

    ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help prevent gum and teeth problems