Catrice Charming Fairy Lip Glow 010 (Pack of 3)
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    Catrice Charming Fairy Lip Glow 010 (Pack of 3)

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    New Member: Lip Glow newcomer with a special effect. The lilac texture reacts to the pH-value of the lips to tint them in a unique pink shade with a holographic shimmer.

    Beauty Tip

    The Charming Fairy Lip Glow doesn’t just look naturally gorgeous on the lips. The pink and then fuchsia lipstick also makes the teeth appear whiter. This is due to the cool undertone of the Lip Glow. Lipsticks and glosses with a bluish colour component neutralize yellow discolorations on the teeth because blue tones – according to Johannes Itten’s colour wheel – tend to cancel out yellow tones. Of course, the effect is purely visual and disappears as soon as the lips are naked again – but at least it’s fast and affordable!