Deborah Fluid Velvet Lipstick 20 - (Pack of3) -
Deborah Fluid Velvet Lipstick 20
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    Deborah Fluid Velvet Lipstick 20

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    Fluid Velvet Mat Lipstick is just the ticket for the demanding woman in search of a high performance lipstick with a long-wearing, sophisticated finish.

    Featuring a breakthrough formulation and special flocked-tip applicator, it both colours and defines lips with absolute precision in just one stroke.
    Extreme comfort is guaranteed. Film-forming polymers ensure ease of application and allow the lipstick to adhere better. Volatile oils make the product long wearing and transfer-proof. Micronised pigment particles produce vibrant, even colour and a unique combination of oils leaves lips well hydrated, soft and velvety smooth.

    Paraben free.


    * Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.