Fine Face Mask Guard Comfort - Large (Pack of 6)
Fine Face Mask Guard Comfort - Large (Pack of 6) -
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    Fine Face Mask Guard Comfort - Large (Pack of 6)

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    The comfortable, reusable, washable, virus killing Face Mask.

    All face masks can help prevent infection, some better than others. Basic textile masks provide high levels of comfort yet can be poor at filtration of the air one breathes through it. High filtration masks like N95 provide for better protection, yet can be quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. And let’s face it: if you are constantly touching your mask and face, making adjustments, and even removing the mask for periods of time, this can defeat the purpose of the mask! It’s a dilemma, and one we solve with Fine Guard Comfort. We blended together into one an incredibly comfortable mask, yet one that also protects you and your family, utilizing the germ-killing LIVINGUARD® Technology. So you are protected. And yet in a state of comfort. 
    • Reusable for 1 years + and washable 30 times with hand soap & cold water with superior infection prevention for every use
    • Equipped with adjustable straps for a customized fit for adults of all ages
    • Made of comfortable, soft material equipped for prolonged use
    • Each box contains 1 Mask.