Gosh Brow & Eyeliner Collection - (Pack of 3 Pieces)
Gosh Brow & Eyeliner Collection - (Pack of 3 Pieces) - Billjumla.com
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    Gosh Brow & Eyeliner Collection - (Pack of 3 Pieces)

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    Gosh Brow Pomade 002 Grey Brown :

    Create a definition that lasts for hours with BROW POMADE WATERPROOF. Fill and color brows with this smudge-proof, ultra-resistant waterproof eyebrow pomade. For best results use with a GOSH SLANTED BRUSH to create amazing eyebrows that last for hours. HOW TO USE: Step 1. Use sculpting tip to fill mid-brow and tail, moving outwards. Step 2. Lightly fill in the inner brow. Step 3. Using an eyebrow grooming brush, blend the color in. Step 4. Allow time to dry.


    GOSH 3 in 1 Hybrid Eyes:

    Always blend and smudge before the product sets on the lid. It is also suitable on the waterline and can be used around the edge of the eye with a thin or bold line. It has an even and very metallic finish that lends a striking look.


    GOSH Hybrid Eye Liner & Shadow :

    The new magical HYBRID LINER & SHADOW is totally amazing. Simply draw a single eye-defining line and blend the color with a finger or a brush, and it becomes a shimmering soft powdery eye shadow, right before your eyes.