Mosafer Electric Bidet Grey -
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    Mosafer Electric Bidet Grey

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      The Mosafer Electric Bidet is used for gentle & hygienic cleaning – Wash baby’s bottom without harsh chemicals that may be found in baby wipes; gently clean new mom’s private area following delivery; convenient washing for all family members, elderly, or hemorrhoid patients.

    ·         180° Rotation – Angle of spray head can be turned up to 180° to achieve efficient cleaning, allowing comfortable reach front or rear, particularly for elderly, and pregnant women with difficulties caused by round belly.

    ·         Two Water Flow Speeds – Choose between ‘High’ and ‘Low’ flow modes according to need of preference.

    ·          Handy For Travel – Battery operated, lightweight and foldable for easy transportation and mobile toilet cleaning. Ideal for personal hygiene.

    *The Bidet is intended for external use only.