Paddies Cheese 50g (Pack of 8 Pieces)
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    Paddies Cheese 50g (Pack of 8 Pieces)

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    Paddies crispy cereal pillows are a top choice for protein breakfasts, a gamechanger when it comes to the consistency of protein sweets, they are real sweet wonders, charming mega crunchy delicacies-wonders :)

    Sweet, delicious and valuable - crispy crunchy pillows filled with perfectly creamy salted caramel are a delicious sweet and salty addition to oatmeal, yoghurt, fruit salads, an effective sprinkle for desserts, omelettes or fit cheesecakes. They are sweetened with a mixture of traditional sugar, calorie-free erythritol and high-fiber isomalt - thanks to this, they have a naturally sweet taste, but lower sugar content than traditional sweet snacks or breakfast cereals, and are also characterized by high fiber content and a source of protein.

    The most important information about Paddies crisps

    • as much as 12% of protein
    • as much as 12% of fiber
    • a sweet, crunchy addition to many dishes
    • reduced sugar content
    • sweetened incl. erythritol and isomalt